J. Mitchell, Operations Director/Custom Home Builder

I would like to highly recommend the Healthy Family / Happy Life program from Xcpcnl Benefits. I used it within a few days of enrolling and have been very impressed. I first used the Teledoc on a Sunday afternoon - on a holiday weekend. I had a call back within 30 minutes from a doctor who took time to listen to my symptoms and asked detailed questions. After our talk, he sent in a prescription for antibiotics and recommended OTC products that would help, too. It was so easy and so fast. I've also used the prescription discounts, often getting things for much less than my insurance discount. With an upcoming surgery, I am happy to get discounts on pre-op CT scans and x-rays and to have the option of having my billing reviewed for me. I was skeptical, but this is the best program I have ever seen, especially at such a low price. The benefits and savings I received in the first month literally paid for my entire year of premiums. With high deductibles and rising medical costs, this program is an excellent way to not only save money, but to simplify your life and your medical care.

J. Mitchell